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In the Fall of 1909, the National Negro Committee in New York (which, in 1910, changed the name to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) held a meeting in Boston to bring together persons interested in civil rights for “colored” Americans. From this meeting came the Boston Committee to Advance the Cause of the Negro. This committee grew in membership and activity during 1910 and 1911. When the NAACP's Second Annual Conference was held at the Park Street Church in Boston in 1911, Boston was recognized at the first Branch of the organization.

The early organizers in Boston were a small group made up of White abolitionists and their descendants such as the Garrisons, and Black professionals such as Butler Wilson, Clement Morgan and William Monroe Trotter. The early organizers had long recognized the great abuses to the Black citizens in Boston and throughout the United States , so they banded together “to assure equal opportunity and justice for each and every citizen.”

It was on the evening of February 8, 1912 that 56 Bostonians, Black and White, male and female, gathered at the Park Street Church to receive the official Branch Charter inscribed with the following statement of purpose:

“To uplift the colored men and women of this country by securing to them the full enjoyment of their rights as citizens, justice in all courts, and equality of opportunity everywhere”

Over the years, the activities and accomplishments of the Boston Branch have been significant and varied. The problems and issues faced, and the strategies used, have changed and varied from year to year, only to reappear and reappear again.

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