Calendar Friday, September 04, 2015
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Michael A. Curry, Esq. President
Cheryl Clyburn Crawford 1st Vice President
Lori Nelson 2nd Vice President
Dana Supreme Richardson 3rd Vice President
Ruthann Leverett Secretary
Terri L. Brown Treasurer
Evelyn Norman Assistant-Treasurer
Latisha Johnson Ceasar Assistant Secretary

Executive Committee

ACT-SO Aziza Robinson-Goodnight
Armed Services &Vet. Affairs Vacant
Communications Press & Publicity Michael Curry
Community Coordination Ericka Florence
Criminal Justice Vacant
East Boston H.S. Chapter Janelle Ridley, Advisor
Economic Development Greg Wilmot
Education Ayele Shakur, Chair
Nia Evans, Vice Chair
Finance Terri Brown
Health Joyce Clark
Housing Stephanie Williams
Labor & Industry Greg Wilmot
Legal Redress Atty. Jawara Griffin
Membership Latisha Johnson
Political Action Ashley Brown
Prison Branch Vacant
Religious Affairs John Fernandes
Scholarship Tahina Barlatier
Women in the NAACP Shirma Pierre
Young Adult Roxanne Longoria
Youth Council Aaron J. Guerrier
Youth Works Emmanuelle Renelique

Committee Meetings

Each committee establishes its meeting schedule based on the availability of its members. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the respective committee chair(s) above or call the Boston Branch at 617-427-9494 for more information.